We recently completed a laundry list of new projects for The Wash Bag, and we have to admit, we had a load of good clean fun. The Wash Bag is the fresh idea of founder Annalee Myer, who started the convenient laundry pick-up, wash, dry, fold and delivery service based in Frederick, Maryland. The weekly per-pound service helps busy professionals, parents and college students save time and stress.

Fresh and Clean Design

The company wanted its new brand and identity to be fun, colorful and clean. It all started with a cheerful color scheme requested by the client. The logo is a playful take on both a laundry bag and a washing machine, highlighting the nature of the business at a glance. And just to put a fun spin on it, we created an animated version of the logo where its center showcases a “W” that tumbles into a “B” — and round and round it goes!

The new identity shines in the newly created square business cards, mimicking the logo’s shape and a colorful direct mail postcard that’s sure to get homeowners’ attention. To top it off, we designed a fresh and simple website that makes a big splash. How do we know? Because it was recently selected as a GD USA Magazine 2017 Graphic Design Award winner.

The Wash Bag Logo

The Wash Bag Business Cards

The Wash Bag Postcard

The Wash Bag Color Palette