Frederick County Chamber of Commerce Department Identities

When the rebrand was launched, the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce Department logos were tied directly to the the new logo mark. While this was prefect for establishing recognition for the new brand, it soon made each department indistinguishable from the next. Our task was to give each department its own distinct identity, while still integrating with the newly established Chamber idenity.


Past department logos had varying styles, color palettes and an overall outdated look. This contributed to brand confusion and each department wasn’t not instantly recognizable as being a part of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

"Bold! Vibrant! Exciting! The new branding and imagery developed by Octavo Designs has taken our programs and initiatives to a new level! The new brand marks and color schemes will help us give each program its own unique identity enabling us to ultimately serve our members and the community better."

Jennifer Gerlock, Vice President of Marketing and Communication, Executive Director of Leadership Frederick County



Each department now has its own distinct brandmark that allows for brand recognition, while also pairing nicely with the overall Frederick County Chamber of Commerce Brand Identity.