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We can throw all kinds of numbers at you. You have 7 seconds to make a good impression on the shelf. 64% of consumers try a new product because of the package design. 74% of young adults share photos of products they purchase online. 90% of consumers reuse boxes and bags giving brands a second marketing life. But, all studies aside, there’s no doubt packaging is an essential tool for unifying your brand and building consumer loyalty.


We like to think of ourselves as packaging gurus. We consider package design to be a fine art with a large helping of practicality thrown in. Of course you want your product to be mesmerizingly handsome and to sing to people from the shelf, but there is also the consideration of how it will be handled, transported, stored, displayed and disposed of. We love creating original package designs that are authentic to your brand, are highly recognizable and stand out from the pack.

Firefly Farms Package Design
Dry Run Honey Company Package Design
The Urban Winery Package Design
Links Bridge Vineyard Package Design
Bella Vita Cheese Package Design
Uncle Dell's Mambo Sauce Package Design


Think of each individual package as it’s own self-contained marketing tool. The look, the feel, the aesthetics, the graphic identity all contribute to the perceived quality of a product. Once it’s in the hands of the consumer, is it interesting and unique? Are there eye-catching details? Great design creates desirability, adds value and allows you to set a higher price point.


Effective package design can give new life to products and is especially critical for startups. Octavo works with you to create a personality for your product. Is it classic and luxurious? Is it playful and fun? Is it rugged and bad-ass? Is it natural and organic? You only have a few seconds to differentiate yourself from the competition and tell your story.

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