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River Roots Barrel Company

Rooted in Cleveland, Ohio, the four owners of River Roots Barrel Company (including Celebrity Chef Michael Symon – yeah, that one) knew they wanted the whiskey branding for their new business to reflect the midwest spirit of hard work, high quality and refined taste. Every barrel is selected to meet the highest of standards, and the company’s logo and packaging need to reflect those standards. That’s where we come in.

Whiskey Branding

The Logo

Our vision for the new logo was a mark that is both vintage and modern. The typeface and structure harkens back to legacy spirit makers while the brandmark is clean and modern. To showcase a high-end sensibility, the brandmark is a visual representation of royalty with the bottom half of a whiskey barrel creating the shape of a crown. The eye is lead down the logo, as if whiskey was pouring from the the barrel’s bung hole, creating two R letterforms representing roots. The reflected R’s come together to create the top of a whiskey bottle, further rooting the mark in the spirit industry. 

To ensure the logo could be used across a variety of materials, we created a suite of marks that include a simple and clean version of the logo, as well as singular seals and brandmarks.

Single Barrel Bottles

A refined palate deserves only the best design. The spirits offered by River Roots are far from average tasting, so the bottle design needed to reflect outstanding quality of their products. Starting with a custom illustration elegantly featuring the Cleveland skyline along the Cuyahoga River, a tree makes its roots in the river and intertwining with whiskey barrels.

The label is printed on a richly textured linen paper, and copper foil touches are applied across the label for a luxe feel. The small details of corresponding neck labels and wooden stopper ties the aesthetic all together. This is a bottle that will appeal to the most seasoned whiskey enthusiast and the casual dabbler.  

River Roots Whiskey Branding and Label Design

Great job on the single barrel labels! I think we are going to get a considerable amount of additional sales from the new label design. Thanks Octavo for making this dream a reality! The bottle looks amazing!

River Roots Bottles
River Roots Package

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