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Your brand is much more than a logo or catchphrase. It’s everything your clients and customers encounter when they interact with your business — even things you may have never considered. Octavo has the experience and insight to look at the whole branding enchilada and make sure you haven’t overlooked any key ingredients. Let’s talk. It won’t hurt a bit!

Discovery and Analysis

This is an audit of what you have, how you’re using it and who your audiences are. We’ll start by having you complete our Branding Brief survey. Then we’ll ask even more questions. We’ll explore the competitive landscape and begin to determine what your brand’s personality should be and what you need to stand out.

Brand Strategy

This is where we collaborate with you to create a brand platform. We round up everything we’ve gathered in the discovery phase to develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your goals. Once we get your stamp of approval, this strategy becomes the foundation for all design work and ensures we all have the same expectations.


Your branding needs to be consistent in ALL you do, from your digital collateral — website, blog, social media — to print media including business cards, stationery, signage, mailings, displays, menus, t-shirts, tchotchkes … well, you get the idea. Octavo will make sure you’re saddled up and ready to ride the road to success.

Branding Guidelines

Make sure no one goes maverick! We create a technical guide that will be a critical resource for your team to use internally, as well as with vendors, publications and other marketers. This handbook of usage rules gives exacting specifications for your brand’s visuals and communications voice, ensuring consistency and protecting brand integrity.