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Pump + Rye

What do you get when you blend a hometown market with a new-school deli? The sister duo behind Pump + Rye in Urbana, Maryland have quite the handle on what it tastes like, and charged Octavo Designs with imagining what it looks like.

It All Began With a Logo and Brandmark

Designed to feel inviting and friendly but with a slight vintage nod in the typeface and muted brown rye grains. It’s perfectly paired with a custom pattern with graphic elements of the materials Pump + Rye utilize in their business to bring a modern twist to the old school deli aesthetic.

The new identity sizzles in the newly created business cards, as well as a new website to whet peoples’ appetites. But things really start cooking as we blend the new identity with the sisters’ sense of humor across various touchpoints. Carryout packaging is emblazoned with eating and drinking onomatopoeias; t-shirts are decorated with hilarious names of menu offerings … even the restroom signs have their own dose of chutzpah!

Where do we begin? Sue and her team has been our guiding light since we came to her with a wink, smile, and a dream. Pump + Rye would not be who we are today without her visionary genius. Her ability to interpret words into graphic artistry is unparalleled by anyone in the industry. Our brand became the foundation and gave us the confidence to launch our dream of opening a business where community, humor, and creativity can exist harmoniously in every bite. Lets be frank, we started from the bottom, and because of Octavo, we’re SCHMEAR!”

New Work