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Someone once said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That’s adorable. Truth is, around here we do what we love and bust our collective ass. We’re super okay with that. Great work takes work. Here’s a bunch of it.
Charles County Challenge Coin  
Thanksgiving Illustration  
Seventh Balance  
Maryland Double Deckers Business Cards  
Maryland Double Deckers Seal  
Amy Joys Packaging  
Halloween Cat Illustration  
Halloween Skull Illustration  
River Roots Barrel Company Sample Box  
River Roots Barrel Company Logo  
River Roots Barrel Company Label Design  
The Machine Gun Nest Shirt Illustration  
Hippy Viking Hike Your Hike  
Hippy Viking Apparel  
146 Provisions Logo  
Holcim Wall Graphics  
Holcim Wall Graphics  
146 Engrave Logo  
Stella Illustration  
Nerd Up Logo  
Chamber Department Social Templates  
NASP National School Psychology Week Poster  
Hoppy Easter Illustration  
Frederick Nonprofit Alliance Logo  
Leadership Frederick County Logo  
Generation Connect Logo  
Business Equity Coalition Logo  
Women In Business Logo  
Hippy Viking How Do You Like to Hike  
Fox & Country Bar Soap Packaging  
Visit Hagerstown and Washington County Pin  
Trauma Specialists Logo  
Trauma Specialists Logo  
Trauma Specialists Logo  
Chinese New Year Illustration  
Sun & Moon Balloon Design Logo  
Elevate Unlimited Illustration  
Whiskey Bottom Candle Gold Foil Label  
Firefly Farms Cheese Packaging  
Timika Thrasher Illustration  
Charles County 2022 Annual Report  
Hippy Viking Holiday T-Shirt  
Visit Orange Virginia Table Popup  
Da Kine by da C Logo  
Octavo 2022 Holiday Card Illustrations  
PTCB Halloween Illustration  
Banner Bee Lip Balm Packaging  
Delawter Family Crest  
Pharmacy Technician Day Illustration  
Frederick County OED Logo  
Whiskey Bottom T-Shirt  
Visit Orange Virginia Posters  
Big D's BBQ Sauce Packaging  
Augusta Cooperative Logo  
Banner Bee Lip Balm Packaging  
USRC Impact Report  
PTCB Ziplining Illustration  
Orange County Visitors Guide  
Crab Dust Packaging  
SHE Week Ignite Social Templates  
Faith House Logo  
Elevate Unlimited Business Cards  
Frederick Rescue Mission Logo  
Firefly Farms Cheese Packaging  
PTCB Thanksgiving Illustration  
Hippy Viking Rack Card  
PTCB Surfing Illustration  
School Neuropsych Press Reading Disorders Book  
Orange County Virginia Vehicle Wrap  
SHE Week Ignite Logo  
EBeauty Logo  
Fierce Family 5k Illustration  
Live Frederick Group Logo  
DAR Forgotten Patriots Illustrations  
Hippy Viking Business Cards  
Frederick Food Truck Festival Logo  
The Machine Gun Nest Apparel  
Live Frederick Group For Sale Sign  
Crab Boss Social Media Graphics  
The Machine Gun Nest Apparel  
Rob Krop Team Logo  
PTCB Skiing Illustration  
Fox and Country Logo  
Thick and Thin Brewing Company Illustration  
One Fierce Woman Logo  
Ko-op Social Media Templates  
Orange County, VA Car Wrap  
ACS Blazing the Trail for Cheese Shirt  
2020 Charles County Annual Report  
Augusta Smoky Mountain Logo  
Fox and Country Fox Illustration  
Vehicle Wrap  
SHE Week Ignite Logo  
Visit Orange County Virginia Poster  
Elevate Unlimited Logo  
Mischief and the Mule Canal Painting  
Holidayum Illustration  
FAC Art in the Park Illustration  
KO-OP Media Logo  
OCVA Side View Vehicle Wrap  
The Machine Gun Nest Rooster Illustration  
DAR Forgotten Patriots Illustrations  
The Machine Gun Nest Skeleton Illustration  
Frederick County Association of Realtors Logo  
Mischief & the Mule Logo  
French Bulldog Illustration  
Thick and Thin Logo  
Car Wrap Front  
EBeauty Illustration  
Allison J. Bomba Logo  
EBeauty Illustration  
ACS Portland Conference Logo  
Spacie Gracie Logo  
Triple D Foods Logo  
Banner Bee Honey Packaging  
Visit Orange County Virginia Illustration  
The Phoenix Room Logo  
I Believe In Me T-Shirt  
Mischief and the Mule Illustrations  
Hippy Viking Logo  
PTCB Tech Trek Illustration  
Fort Detrick Alliance Logo  
Blue Boar Kitchen Logo  
2021 SHE Week Logo  
Tattoo Illustration  
PTCB Pharmacy Technician Trek Illustration  
Mid-Atlantic Milk & Meat Cooperative Logo  
Uplift Your Damn Self Logo  
Orange County Montpelier Illustration  
Celebrate Frederick Illustration  
Uplift In-Powerment Logo  
SHEro Logo  
Foothills Fire Packaging  
The Ripple Effect Logo  
Deepspace Applications Logo  
SHE Pitch Logo  
I Believe In Me T-Shirt  
PTCB Pharmacy Technician Illustration  
Frederick Strong Logo  
Otterbein's Holiday Baking T-Shirt  
2019 Charles County Annual Report  
DAR Forgotten Patriots Illustrations  
I Believe in Me Logo  
Trouts Supreme Seafood Crab Soup Packaging  
Honovee Logo  
Pump Up the Jam Jars  
Christopher Zoltan Designs Logo  
2018 Charles County Annual Report  
Whiskey Bottom Barnyard Talk Candles  
TopNow Products  
Firefly Farms Signage  
Visit Orange Virginia Logo  
The Sweet Farm Logo  
Doretea Burton Website  
Frederick Factor Logo  
Rotary Club of Frederick Centennial Logo  
Firefly Farms Seal  
Firefly Farms Product Catalog  
Pursuit of it All Social Media  
I Believe In Me T-Shirt  
Pursuit of it All  
NASP 2021 Annual Convention  
@VR Virtual Reality Logo  
Edgewater Federal Solutions  
Andy Factory  
Andy Factory  
Andy Factory  
Andy Factory  
Andy Factory  
Andy Factory  
Firefly Farms Packaging  
Frederick County Chamber of Commerce  
Frederick Arts Council  
She Week  
Connections: A Public Art Master Plan for Frederick, MD  
Manhattan Men's Grooming Lounge  
Manhattan Men's Grooming Lounge Business Card  
Manhattan Men's Grooming Lounge  
Manhattan Men's Grooming Lounge Rack Card  
Urban Winery Vidal IPA  
Banner Bee  
FireFly Farms Bella Vita Goat Cheese Label  
FireFly Farms Cabrita Goat Cheese Label  
Crab Illustration  
The Temple: Paul Mitchel School  
Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications at Shepherd University  
Bonnie and Bill Stubblefield Institute for Civil Political Communications at Shepherd University  
K.A.T. - Kitties/Adoptions/Treats Logo  
K.A.T. Business Card  
Pump and Rye Fruit Illustrations  
Adam 21 Consulting  
Pump + Rye  
Pump + Rye Business Card  
Whiskey Bottom Candle Company  
Dry Run Farm  
Dry Run Honey Company Honey Jar Label  
Links Bridge Vineyards  
Links Bridge Vineyards  
NASP 2020 Convention  
Maryland Craft Beer Festival  
The Wash Bag Postcard  
The Wash Bag  
Ny Ny Blush Ad  
Mr. Jon & Friends Rock & Rhyme CD  
Clam Illustrations  
Pharmacy Technicians Illustration  
Lighthouse Seafood and Deli  
Lighthouse Seafood and Deli Flatbread Packaging  
Lighthouse Seafood and Deli Cocktail Sauce  
Drive-In Movie Illustration  
Sundance Mind & Body Therapy  
Lipstick Illustration  
Heritage Frederick Museum Displays  
The Religious Coalition  
Black Eyed Susan Illustration  
Zoltan Design Business Card  
Zoltan Design Co  
Sumo Illustration  
Barrel + Crow  
The Urban Winery Reserve Wine Label  
Frederick Wine Trail  
Goat Illustration  
Goat Illustration  
Dry Run Honey Company  
Yeti Holiday Card Illustration  
NASP 2018 Annual Convention  
Platinum PR Exhibit Booth  
Blue Boar Illustration  
Festa Italiana  
Mr. Jon & Friends  
Maryland Brewers' Harvest  
Kitty in Pink  
Howard on Tap  
NASP 2016 Annual Convention  
Freight Dog Hauling  
Thistle and Bees Illustration  
Adopt-A-Night Angel  
MC Concrete Design  
Farm to Frederick  
Dry Run Farm Illustration  
Moore Wealth Inc.  
The Mill at Medowlands Note Card  
Button & Awl  
Whiskey Bottom Candles  
Brianna Shea Interiors  
The Wash Bag Business Card  
AMS Photobooth Company  
Whiskey Bottom Farmhouse Candle Label  
NYNY Hair Salon and Day Spa Magazine Ad  
Whiskey Bottom Heirloom Candle Label  
PM Design Hubb  
LH Design Hubb Business Card  
Veggie Wash Organic  
Frederick County Public Libraries Poster  
Piedmont Supply Co.  
Flame Enterprises Exhibit Booth  
TKO Hair  
Smallwood and Small Popup Banners  
NASP School Refusal Poster  
New York | New York Ad  
Maryland Brewers Harvest Poster  
Old Town Tea Co.  
Frederick County Public Libraries Poster  
Zoltan T-shirt  
Goodwill Annual Report  
Sagamore Spirit Candle  
Clearly Natural Soap Bottles  
Blue Ridge Community College Play Poster  
Howard on Tap Coaster  
Maryland Brewers Harvest Coaster  
Button & Awl Candle  
Maryland Holiday Tin Illustrations  
Baking Spirits Bright Illustration  
The Wash Bag  
JSB Popup Banners  
School Neuropsych Press Math Book Cover  
Holiday Number Illustrations  
Holiday Number Illustrations  
Quintana Events Wedding Brochure Cover  
Maryland Historic National Road  
Howard On Tap  
Frederick Octoberfest  
The Community Foundation of Frederick County  
1st Amendment Society  
Powell Flynn  
Bee Bottom Jewelry  
Balls n Bikes  
Fat City Graphics  
Goodwill Monacacy Valley 2015 Annual Report  
DeNovo Health Care Services  
Portland Consulting, LLC  
NASP Reading Problems Book Cover  
Road Kill Canteen  
NASP 2019 Annual Convention Logo: Unlock Potential - Prevention is Key  
vend & go  
NASP Best Practices in School Crisis Book Cover  
School Neuropsych Press Language Disorder Book Cover  
Delaplaine Arts Magazine  
Richard Crouse & Associates, Inc.  
Healing Connections  
Barnyard Talk Animal Illustrations  
Barnyard Talk Animal Illustrations  
Mind Matters All Children Can Learn  
ClearView Communities  
Heritage Frederick  

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