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Creative Food Packaging

We bring culinary visions to life, crafting creative food packaging that merges innovation with storytelling to create packaging solutions that resonate with your brand and captivate your audience. We offer designs that set new trends, making your products stand out on the shelves. Take a look at some of our recent projects where every package becomes a work of art, and every meal a sensory adventure.

Bella Vita Cheese Label Design

Firefly Farms 

Cheese Labels

Nothing cheesy about this label, featuring a whimsical custom illustration for this soft-ripened goat cheese label from FireFly Farms.

Creative Food Packaging with Custom Illustrations

New label design for Firefly Farms’ White Rock aged goat cheese, Moo & Blue cheese, and Cabra La Mancha. We’ve included custom illustrations of goats and overlook scenery to pair with the savory and delicious flavors.

Crab Dust Seafood Seasoning Food Packaging

A seafood seasoning created by the Crab Boss that makes any-MF-thang taste right.

Big D Creative Food Packaging Design

One lick of the Big D and you can’t stop! This spice label features a playful typographic layout and cleverly incorporates an illustration of a pig’s butt. Go big on flavor with Big D’s!

Foothills Fire Hot Pepper Relish Package Design

Gather round the flavor! New logo and label design for Foothills Fire Hot Pepper Relish. The design features custom jalapeño illustrations and flaming colors to tie into the savory sweet with a kiss of heat flavor.

Food Packaging

Aunt Ree’s Cluck It Sauce

How You Cluckin’?

Andy Factory co-founders Andy and Nyles Burton had Octavo Designs bring their tangy Cluck It sauce to the masses. Growing up the boys ate this sauce on delicious chicken sandwiches that their mom made. A product this bold and tangy needed packaging to match, and the challenge got our imaginations cooking immediately!

Food Packaging

Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce Press Kit


When Andy Factory co-founders Andy and Nyles Burton approached Octavo Designs about bringing their flagship mambo sauce to the masses, we couldn’t say no. A product this tangy and sweet needed packaging to match, and the challenge got our imaginations cooking immediately!

Food Packaging

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Pump Up the Jam!

A concept for a new series of fresh, quality jams from the founders of Pump+Rye. Each jar features the “Pump Up the Jam” screen printed in white ink on the jar with labels adorned with a custom illustration to correspond with each flavor.

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