Package Design

Seafood Package Design

Who’s hungry?! Now on shelves— frozen meals from Trout’s Supreme Seafood. We had a lot of fun designing these labels and creating the custom illustrations—even if it made our stomachs growl in the process. Garlic Parmesan Salmon Zesty Citrus Shrimp Crab Dip Potato Skins Related Creative Food Packaging Custom Illustration Package Design

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Creative Food Packaging

We bring culinary visions to life, crafting creative food packaging that merges innovation with storytelling to create packaging solutions that resonate with your brand and captivate your audience. We offer designs that set new trends, making your products stand out on the shelves. Take a look at some of our recent projects where every package […]

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Vegan Gourmet Package Design

We’re feeling spicy today! We love everything food so of course we had a lot of fun working on the packaging design for this line of spices and cooking candles for Amy Joy’s Vegan Gourmet. Food is love. Food is life. Food is joy.

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Whiskey Bottom Candle Company Label Design

Drink in the light! These cocktail and whiskey inspired candles are hand poured into frosted whiskey glasses. The label design is printed on a textured linen stock with gold foil elements, giving these candles an elegant look that is perfect for any setting.

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