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Whiskey Label Design

We are thrilled to share our new branding and packaging design for River Roots Barrel Company, an exciting local business in Cleveland, Ohio that offers a personalized single-barrel program to both whiskey enthusiasts and businesses on a local and national level. Our branding features a mark that is both vintage and modern and includes the bottom half of a whiskey barrel creating the shape of a crown. Two R letterforms extend out of the bottom of the barrel to represent roots. A rich and elegant color palette of a moody blue and copper also lends to giving this mark a high-end, royalty look.

Branding and Logo Design

Custom designed logo for River Roots

Whiskey barrels and a snifter

Label Design

Five whiskey bottles showcasing custom label design

Close-up of a whiskey bottle label design

Three pints of whiskey

Custom Illustration

Illustration of a tree and two whiskey barrels

Package Design

Package design for River Roots

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