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When Andy Factory co-founders Andy and Nyles Burton approached Octavo Designs about bringing their flagship mambo sauce to the masses, we couldn’t say no. A product this tangy and sweet needed packaging to match, and the challenge got our imaginations cooking immediately!

This Is How We Mambo

The Andy Factory team was looking to develop the packaging design and marketing materials for the late 2019 relaunch of Uncle Dell’s Mambo Sauce. They wanted something one of a kind—designs that would not only showcase the brothers’ personalities and celebrate the sauce’s vibrant D.C. origins, but something that would command attention next to more familiar condiments on store shelves.

Starting with the company logo, we created an icon where a drop of sauce and the mouth of a bottle create the negative space of an “A”. It’s a subtle nod to the not-so-subtle flavors of the company current offering and those yet to come.

It’s also the jumping off point for the packaging’s lively typography and bold, vibrant color palette. But those are merely snacks to the main course of the design: a close-up of George Washington, his mouth and shirt dripping with mambo sauce. What’s a better first impression for consumers to discover a tasty D.C. staple than our OG founding father slathered in saucy goodness?

Dripping With Finesse

For the new business cards and stationery, we take a cue from messy George and decorated them with sauce smudges, sure to make people do a double-take. Promotional materials like a press kit, t-shirts, and social media images mix and match art and taglines to create a distinctly youthful vibe.

Food Packaging

The boys are really blessed to have found this company. They started out wanting to enter a business competition with Andy Factory and maybe sell a little sauce out of the garage. Octavo Designs just took their thinking to another level. I’ve never seen either of them so focused. Thanks. I really can’t say it enough."

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