An identity project that gets to include the client’s pet is a win for us. Mark Neal, founder of Freight Dog Hauling, asked us to include his German Shepherd, Scout, in his company’s brand development.

Mark’s dog is his co-captain and navigator in his business. Our team wanted to create an identity suite that not only showcases this great bond, but also their equipment hauling services. This dynamic—friendly and professional—was the perfect inspiration for this project.

The Project

We loved Mark’s idea of bringing Scout into the identity for Freight Dog Hauling since they’re a team. The logo came first, featuring Scout prominently, and his silhouette carries through to the apparel and collateral designs. His silhouette is the first thing to catch our eye, looking alert and ready to hit the road. Again—there’s the combination our team was after as we collaborated with this client: welcoming and reliable.

The website design, then, was able to devote more attention to featuring the other key features of the business. We aimed to give accessible, straightforward information for those seeking specialized hauling. In other words, we considered the services Freight Dog Hauling offers while also keeping the target audience in mind. We of course couldn’t leave out the open road.

This project was a wonderful example of how a company’s vision—and their overall identity and brand—can capture what’s important to us personally and professionally.

Freight Dog Hauling Logo

Freight Dog Hauling Secondary Logo Mark

Freight Dog Hauling Truck Decal

Freight Dog Hauling Business Card

Freight Dog Hauling Polo Shirt

Freight Dog Hauling Color Palette and Typography