Spacie Gracie Frederick, MD

Crafty, without the hoity or toity. This new logo design and website for Spacie Gracie, a Manhattan momma’s lounge, features a custom martini glass and unique font for the fun yet sophisticated atmosphere of the lounge. If you want a hangout with a quirky-cool design and zero pretense, then Spacie Gracie Frederick, Maryland is your place. Website […]

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2023 She Week Event

Get your SHINE on during the 2023 SHE Week event in Frederick Maryland. We’ve designed branding materials including t-shirts, social graphics, a tote bag, and more that feature hand lettered typography and jewel/disco elements so women can own their brilliance.

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Sun & Moon Balloon Rebrand

From elegant affairs to whimsical parties, Sun & Moon Balloon Design does it all. We’ve completed a modern rebrand for the company to pair with their imaginative balloon designs in order to celebrate life’s special moments. This concept includes a custom, whimsical ampersand mark that connects sun and moon symbols in a sophisticated way. A […]

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Reset by Riser Logo Design

The Reset by Riser logo features a dynamic mark that is an abstract representation of a pilates pose while also creating a stylized R. The mark is modern and clean while also bringing energy and mindfulness through its fluid motion. The typography evokes a sense of high-end sophistication through a simple typeface with a touch […]

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Branded Social Content

Okay, it totally does, because Facebook, Instagram and every social platform with an algorithm just won’t let you be great. But, we’ve found a way to make it as streamlined and simple as possible for our clients: branded social content.

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Freight Dog Hauling

NEW WORK! Congratulations to Freight Dog Hauling on the successful launch of their new identity and brand! This project truly exemplified how a company’s vision, as well as their overall identity and brand, can beautifully encompass what’s truly important to us personally and professionally. Freight Dog Hauling (FDH) has set out with a commendable goal […]

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